Welcome To Phoenix Rising

Rising from the Ashes

A documentation of my life’s journey:  sufferings and abundant blessings!

written in the form of stream of consciousness, poetical and lyrical form…with some drama!

A Dream Spot: Fodele, Greece

A place to recover!

Relationships Tidbits!

I’m simply quoting a well-known celebrity,  but what she said is worth taking note of. Love and devastation go hand in hand.  You cannot find the depths of relating without being challenged with pain. Who is worthy of us to walk the journey of love?…one...

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The Three C’s

Crisis Catastrophe Calamities The 3 c’s are a cataclysmic concoction that spells nothing less than:  You’re not putting yourself first! Spiritually,  Physically,  Mentally. You need to do this.  If not, those 3 c’s keep creeping in. And… one...

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Why are you so downcast my soul!!!!

Brothers and sisters…i called to the Lord to help me today…to give me a way out of this stinking thinking.  Of this blocked thinking!  and this was the message i was guided to hear: Talk yourself into it!  psalm 42:4-5  the psalmist is downcast—but...

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What the morning truck had to say!

Is it a scene or is it the story?  Only our Lord knows.  I drove to work this morning and there it was on a truck.  The underlying message is that God has a sense of humour:  mybosco.com…….ummmmm Greek:   Apo Kara Dokia:  I’m stretching my head...

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Dorothy’s thought for the Day

We want to be right,  peaceful,  and comfortable…and we want to be able to figure everything out…. We don’t want to be drifting in space & confusion we don’t want to be living out of need! pain! lonliness!  where the enemy gets in through...

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Another day is dawning

    Could it be that the past will be swept away,  with all  its sufferings and memories and dramas.  Yes it is.  God promises so.  And He does not lie. So how do we set the new path before us?  One has to first ask God everyday,  please change this broken...

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What is an addict?

Can I relate to this profile? self absorbed, it’s never enough, the centre of their world, cannot take the leap from themselves to the other person, easily imposes death by a 1000 cuts, emotionally absent, hooks you through guilt,  manipulation,  threats, If you...

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New beginnings born in you oh Lord

Your arm is not too short to help me—to solve my problems…you extend the arm and you remove alllllll my problems that steal my peace and money finances and my very life. Isaiah 50:  Was my arm too short to deliver you? Do I lack the strength to rescue you?...

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Revisiting Crete~

I have been back for one and a half months.  It’s taken me this long to digest all the events in Fodele.  After spending 30 days away,  granted I was with my youngest daughter, Bella again, for 15 days,  and then my oldest daughter,Maria,  came for 15 days.   I...

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Marilyn Alfano

Memories of Fodele, Crete!

Memories of Fodele, Crete!

I am Marilyn. I am a mother of 6 children: Joseph, Maria, Gabrielle, Emmanuel, Annabella & John-Paul…. (little Simeon is in Heaven♥)

Just back from Greece! At work in Language Assessment.

Just back from Greece!
At work in Language Assessment.

God has a plan that I can’t imagine.   He wants the best for me. His plan is to make us whole and to build us in hope and joy.

Well, time will tell what’s next…I am certain. I’m quite confident it will be with less tears and

greater things to come. All in all it’s a fair deal to start my blog with.

Here we go!