Since the Pandemic Covid 19 hit the planet,  things have slowed down.  Things have come to a halt in many areas of the world.

And what about me,  this “pilgrim journeying in the world”. Sometimes we are miraculously surpised…I was during this time.  After calling to my Fr Valeriote in heaven, and my father in Heaven,  to send help…to send an upright man, one that is unconditional—and He did.  A friend….and overnight—he wiped away debts —in turn I planted my last savings into my mothers debt,  and guess what…He, in turn, removed her debt from a pension payout of my father’s UK widow pension,  and she became free (woman you are free!)

What is left:  the burden of 10,000k to pay for my son who committed a crime.  May the Lord have mercy on me and him,  and clear this path.

But it is time,,to give thanks,  to a great God.  A God that surpassed my understanding.   I prayed and prayed for a Boaz, a one to walk with in my life.  Now I pray for peace,  inner peace and inner strength,  and 1005 confidence in our Lord Jesus Christ. I call to you now Lord,  please answer me and tell me great and wonderful things I do not know about:

my children’s salvation and awakening to God and receiving of the Holy Spirit

my relationship with Mark and the church and my family

the reconciliation with my daughter Bella her forgiveness and to be free from the root of bitterness

the manship and holiness of my sons Joseph,  Emmanuel,  John-Paul.