I ran for my life to the adoration chapel on Wednesday April 3, 2019.  There I cried for the strength to deal with J.P’s situation and his personality.  Will I have the patience,  will I have the strength and the grace to manage his situation.  i cried because I need freedom,  but i am tied down now to guard him in the community.  Lord Help.

I woman sat by me—full of love.  I recognized her. Lina,  She makes rosary bracelets. i bought some at the Spanish Fair!  she turned to me and said would hug me—-how did she know?  I needed a human hug so much,  I ask Jesus why his hug is not enough….I question being alone with such adversities and not having the comfort of another…but the Lord was present.  he consoled me through Lina’s words.

She put our family on a prayer list.  Alone now,  Lying prostrate on the floor before the montrance.  Him and me.  God and me!

Push away these feelings…push away from me these needs…push away from me the ideas that I need someone…push away all temptations now and keep me in the palm of your hand,  where you direct me to do your Will……Amen.

Psalm 144  my tower,  my fortress,  my rescuer..my shield.

open the Heavens Lord and come down…our sons flourish in their youth….our daughters be like gracefull pillars. …my barns are filed,  my flocks multiply…no enemy breaks through my walls,  no more going into captivity!  Amen!