I found myself in the court early morning of the 1st day of April.  Who was the fool today?  My son,  my youngest son,  God spare him.

In his dysfunctional lifestyle,  in the peak of Mark’s destabilized life,  in the midst of the transition to a separated family…he,  John-Paul was the pawn…his little life was placed voluntarily at risk.  The life of the shelter is no life fr a child.  It’s not a lifestyle that you impose on a child.

but in that court I opened a word:  psalm 110:  your youth will come to you in the morning…the Lord stands are my right hand,  he will punish the nations,   My troops will be willing in the day of battle.  He himself will be refreshed at a brook along the way!  (NIV by max McClean version on audio bible.)



my son came back to my home under judges order…i am the surety–the jailor—protect me Lord and guide me with wisdom.  For my sake and my son’s.  Amen