The love of my life became the sorrow and grief of my younger years.  And yet  I must apologize to you,  God,  for harboring such sorrow and grief in his name. Like the triumphant ride into Jerusalem,  the city of peace,  I too demand right order and provisions from the most high-firstly in the area of my first love. 

Wake up oh lost one,  wake up to the sound of the Lord’s calling…wake up to my sorrow and grief.

You gave your all for us Lord,  put some of that into my story,  into Mark’s life,  and restore the lost and confounded person.  heal the lost and confounded child in him.

All hands on deck and  “clear the decks” for the flowing mercy of God is entering this stage and is creating a new thing.


Amen!  I believe in you and your words…you will never abandon me…AMEN!


i am enlightened once more…even for just a little bit!