I am an extremely hard worker,  who is very intelligent,  wise and discerning. I love helping people and helping them become free of their burdens,  their struggles.  I love my job. I do an excellent work at my job.

I’m a delightful person,  who brings light and joy and love into everyone’s life. I take care of my children excellently,  like a good mother hen,  protecting and encouraging them to grow and heal. I have taken care of them single-handedly for over 15 years.  I find the best solutions and provisions for me and my family, and even my husband.   The children are getting a good education and will become established and whole.

I am level-headed,  logical and healthy in body, mind and spirit.

I manage all things and take care of my health and my children’s health,  for over 20 years. People marvel at my resilience and my strength.  I am a mature woman,  who is proud of herself and loves God and people. My dreams come true;  my pleading is always answered by God; my provisions, and more, are supplied for me.  I am always pushed forward and up…looking for the good, and the great experiences of love and kindness in life.  I help others and they help me.

I am independant.  I am innovative.  I am not afraid to start a business and become financially independant.   The toxic always falls away from me and I am left free and alive. I dream of a warm place to live and to bring my children with me to experience the good things in life.  I am protected from scandal and destruction.  God is my rock,  my deliverer and my saviour.

I am a good human being,  and i know I deserve the best.  The best comes to me.  I do not look for others to affirm me or to validate me.  I look to God to form my personality and identity.  I do not seek the approval of the other,  but seek to understand and find compassion for the other…or simply prayer for their soul. I am an achiever and succeeder and plan good things that come to pass. Nature,  recreation,  sport,  healthy food,  trustworthy people,  all these are part of my story.  Judgements fall away from people,  and jealousies depart once they come to know me.  All financial claims against me have ended,  and I only receive mercy and prosperity from the ones God send into my story.

I have overcome the bad,  and am always an overcomer.  Wealth comes to me on every level and I thank God for His mercy.  I never feel left out now,  because He has included me in His Heavenly story.

All family,  children,  friends and the world come to me for love and for hope and I am blessed now and forever.

Thank you God.