We are often confounded at the thought processes of others…and then the actions of others…and then the suffering caused by others.  Perceptions can very often by slanted,  where your good intentions were seen as negative.  Traps, unfortunately, exist in this world,  through people,  sometimes those closest to us.  The enemy of us is the one who twists good things…and robs away what is closest to your heart.

What is the response?

Jeremiah 33:  Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and wonderful things you do not know—I will heal my people and bring them peace and security. Amen

Genesis 50:  What the enemy mean’t as evil for you,  God mean’t it for good!

And so this the story.  God hears the cry for help. He has heard it and has set up a plan.  Now, just like Daniel ( Daniel 10:13) cried to the Lord amidst trouble,  and suffered that trouble for 21 days…he, too, had to bear patience and trust—-so must I .   The Lord later sent St Michael,  who was apparently busy handling another battle,  but indeed he sent him to solve the problem!

Help is coming,  help is on its way…help is around the corner—probably 21 days away,  or less.  God speeds to us,  even though the scene looks the same.

A beautiful mind… can turn terrible.  In Al-Anon (support for families and friends of Alcoholics) we call this “stinking thinking”,  and it is not partial to any group—all people are susceptible. Only the Holy Spirit can flush the mess out…only He can set a new barometer within us…set our priorities straight and be free to focus on ourselves and pray for others.

I was down…but I am hopeful now…one person can turn many lives upside down…but the Lord’s ways are not our ways, and He has a plan for peace and love to grow within our family and community…not enmity. Remember the one who brings enmity into another’s heart is not acting for the Lord,  and will be accountable to the Lord.  Give the person to the Lord now,  and be sure He will set all things right for you.

Amen,  Alleluia,  Amen!


N.B:  A note taken from Dorothy in Florida—who called me at my lowest point last week and pulled this phoenix up with her word of encouragement!