There I was,  with my daughter Bella,  ready to start my great vacation…on my terms that is!…And suddenly the bulk of our money got stolen:( In Eva’s apartment, in my bedroom, and the both Eva and Bella spoke to him…not thinking he had taken anything.   In a moment he dashed off…with the goods!)

I truly didn’t know how to react…should I just let go of it and Let God in?  should I be Christian right away and forgive…or moan,  complain and cry about it for a bit.

Should I try to recover it and go on a rampage to find the thief?  I was stymied to say the least.

A little bit of silence goes a long way…maybe this will help:  some time alone swimming viciously in the mediterranean,  running on the beach early in the morning,  and talking quietly in Eva’s chapel about why,  why,  why me?

Maybe the thief needed it…maybe the Lord wanted to change the course of this vacation rapidly so I would have a grass roots experience with the local people, and really feel the land,  the culture,  the food.

Detaching me from the hot,  tourist spots, and keeping me in the “here and now” and in relationships was really one thing the Lord must have wanted.  Well, it did end up being the most loving trip I ever had, afterall.  Eva’s love goes a long way.

I’m at work now and around my office are remnants of gifts she has given to my colleagues…A little love goes a long way from Eva!  It  wipes away the losses,  the money ones and the emotional ones too!

handpainted by Eva! At the office

Hand-painted by Eva! Given to Serena at the office.