I’m a bit lost since returning back from Greece,  because I had such a rich,  free experience; even though I was tethered down a bit by my teenage daughter,  still I was like a young girl diving into experiences.  I was also still and quiet…because that is what the sea does for me.  Also Eva’s chapel called me to silence, as well as communicating with God about those details of life.

Now that I’m back home my mind wonders for things to do,  and how I make that extra money to get out of debt and go back next year to Greece for a good month of restoring.

I plan to take John-Paul,  my youngest,  who will also turn 15 next year.  But I hope he won’t get bored.  A whole month!  I hope I get the time off work too.

I came back to less instability,  but still the realization that the children are getting further away and that I will one day be alone.  And what will my commitments be then.  I don’t know.

I dream of going to Greece and starting a daycare for Fodele Village so that those young mothers have time to take care of themselves and anything else.  Or to help out at the nearest orphanage.  Maybe I could adopt a child.  Who knows.  Without funds you can do little, but pray hard.

God alone can tell me what will happen next.  I pray it’s wonderful.  it’s been such a long time since something wonderful has been sustained.