The fascinating Yannis!

Born in Athens, Yannis came from a traditional hard-working Greek family.  But at the fresh age of 19 he broke free from the conventional path and became a European traveller; a man shaped by “experiences” versus formal studies.  Manhood was to come in many shapes and forms as Yannis ventured throughout Europe,  experiencing the ups and downs of Spanish, French, German, Italian, Danish,  Portuguese and Greek culture…and more!  An experience that would formulate some very distinct insights about people,  places and things!  What does it mean to be a European citizen… or for that matter to be a United Europe? In one week with Yannis I began my own journey of learning the art of listening and compiling another person’s story.


Once you visit Greece you realize that every Greek man (and woman for that matter) is a philospher about “something”.  And there’s nothing wrong with that!  I benefitted from meeting every single person who was attached in some form or facet to centuries of history:  wars, culinary art, musical richness,  and of course passion!

I'm better than before...

Now I’m better than before…Because of you Greece



What comes out of every Greek national is the fruit of this.  Art,  art,  art!  Everyone is either artistic or a piece of art, in and of themselves.  At least that’s how I was touched.  Especially by Yannis,  whose stories gripped both my daughter and I in a never-ending narration of perspectives from a Greek Traveller!

Old man in the Sea! You can Savour it all..then you can say you have lived!

Old man in the Sea!
You can “Savour” each moment in life…then you can say you have lived!

≈ to be continued!