Dear Everyone,

I can’t tell you how I’ve been touched on my trip to Greece.  It was overwhelming for me to be embraced by love—love of Eva’s family.  I cried a bucketful in the Dolphin Tavern the night before I left.  I cried so much I couldn’t say goodbye to George, Vagelli, Nikos,  Reina and Manoly.  All the people I befriended while visiting.  To be included is a gift one cannot take for granted.

E-Thalase—the sea…wild and caressing at the same time…. it’s impossible to not get the passion that the Greeks have.  It comes over you and takes over you and then…well…you just want to become Greek!

“Love”, here in Canada, is something so exclusive to the family and communities.  But there in Greece it is everywhere…like some wild wind blowing around ready to land on it’s victim.

I truly was touched, because I was so interested in all and everyone.  The language was my goal and that was my doorway to meet and greet.  The villagers were so kind to me,  so patient with my weaknesses. I will never forget them.

Mousaka-by Aristia was the Best on the planet…yummy!!!

Bolognese-by Nikos was delicious!!!

Eva’s love was constant.  Yannis and Maria’s care was always there.  Mitzi’s wit and attention were faithful.  The children were forever sweet.  The smell of souvlaki,  grilled fish, fresh fruit called my senses to a better way to live.  There is a better way I see…I want it!  I want a different living…Can I have it God?  Can I please…?  Will you allow me to.

Prayer:  Holy Spirit of God,  overtake me now,  and lead my thoughts,  senses,  and life.  Protect me, open up a new and better way for me.  Bless me. Amen.