7BaRzBrothers and Sisters of the world,  suffering has a purpose.  I know this so well when I speak to Dorothy.  As my elder she shares what I need to know…she gives me insights into my poor sufferings because she has had her own.  And I am pulled up out of the pit…I wouldn’t call this a pep talk,  I wouldn’t call it counselling, either.  This is God-given selection.  He has chosen another person to speak to my heart and my soul.  He alone knows the one person I need to help me continue overcoming.

The conversations we have are nothing but reality spoken out loud:  what happened today,  what the hope is for the future and how to discern it all.  As she says,  what more is there:  reality,  growth and our choices, and then the precious Lord working in our lives in this reality.

So, therefore we can’t judge anything by worldly thinking, but only by a spiritual point of view… since we are on a spiritual journey.

If you’re suffering enough, then your mind is on what matters—it seems strange, but indeed in Christ it all gets filtered in the right direction.

So what is this story then::::::::it is the story through the eyes of suffering…through the eyes of God.  My history and my future can only be interpreted by the one and only:  God… and the holy ones he has sent to comfort me with a word of kindness, advice and prayer.

The story is then worth telling!  I think mine is!  Let’s continue