bridgeovertroubledwaterWhat does this mean to me?  Dorothy made it clear for me…her analogies are the best!  They are rich and meaningful for me.  Imagery works so well for me because of that study in University of English Literature.  HE is the bridge,  I walk over HIM and stay protected and untouched by the trouble.  God promises to LAY down not only HIS life for me once on the cross,  but every time I’m afraid of the territory before me.  The fear of revenge,  retaliation…the fear of fear and that terrible thing called REJECTION…God is lying down for me and enabling me to cross over onto the greener pastures,  the better days,  and makes things easier for me.

The winds are blowing and howling, the rains are pouring over me,  I am weak and lonely,  hungry and thirsty for respite…and suddenly Jesus stands tall before me,  slips over the water like a bridge,  holds up HIS hands tall and strong,  and I take them and walk steadily over my troubled person,  and situation.  He is there for me to make a greener story.  it will come because this…is…my God.  Alleluia:)