A journey to LOVE.

NOW is when the journey begins!  Another Pilgrimage… Finding God,  seeking Him out,  Looking for this dialogue with Him.  I’m eager to run to the miracle…that special thing He has planned for me.

pilgrimsimagesAs of July 27th,  Bella (my 15 year old daughter) will venture with me to Europe.  a short 13 day trip to Greece- but first a one day excursion to meet Magdelena and Davide, our good friends, in Rome!  What will you have planned for me there,Lord?  I can only imagine……Pizza,  Gelato…Love!

And then Eva..Eva, Eva, Eva…I’m going to Greece but I’m really going to LOVE …she is LOVE.  I want to watch it (LOVE) and learn how it works,  what it does,  how it looks like in full freedom.  She has all these qualities of God…and I want so badly to live it for 2 weeks of my life.  May God show me and teach me… I’m sure He Will.