tobitimagessarahimagesYesterday evening the enemy visited again to alienate me from my loved ones.  I was at my sonthe-prayer-of-tobiah-and-sarah‘s soccer game and not one came to sit with me.  What message is this?  A false message obviously.

Why?  ummmmmm?  I don’t know why, but maybe a hitler theory is going on there.

What did I do?  Luckily pork was burning in my oven at home,  and luckily I remembered that.  And slowly but surely did I leave the soccer field and attend to the matter.  Sadly did the forsaker keep them away from me that evening because that was his win for the day.

Repeatedly I wept…why Lord, are you not listening,  do you not see?  You were listening and looking when I had money problems last year,  and you solved them;  when I had to move and you found me the way out of the abuse; and always, always you are there to show me the open door.

But for the large matter at hand,  how do I speak to you about this now…so you can listen and act.  For the matter of those held captive by revenge and retaliation. How will you stop it Lord.

I prayed for the spirit to give me an answer.  I opened up the holy bible to read His word,  and there it was.

The Book of Tobit.  Sarah,  despairing,  hopeless,  and calling out to God.   Exactly my prayer.  Sarah,  wondering why?  wondering when the reproaches and the shame will stop, when?

The answer:  God heard the prayer,  he saw those tears.  And then he sent the messenger to deliver the right path,  to give the solution to Sarah’s curse and deliver her from the evil spirit Asmodeus who had destroyed all her husbands on the wedding nights.

why so meaningful to me?

Honeymoon:  on my honeymoon on Oct 7th 1995 Mark and I went to St Anne de Beaupre.  There he experienced confusion.  He went to a redemptorist priest who counselled him.  He told him that he and I should read the Book of Tobit and that it was our life.  Back then it meant little.  Now it makes sense.

What do I do now?  Wait,  and trust in God that he has heard and will ACT.

Tobiah and Archangel Raphael-Saving Sarah