Woman,  Greek and passionate!  She teaches me how to be a good woman:  elegant,  beautiful,  intuitive,  graceful,  giving and a delight.

I met her while at work.  She was my client…but instantly the love of motherhood flowed from her into my life.  That spirit of mother came after me to give me free love and companionship.

Since that moment I felt she belonged in my life…a strange occurence for the average person,  but for me it was yet another time that God intervened my reality and placed a key person to help me and to share time with.  Eva is a star,  shining bright wherever she goes…to me that is.  Maybe not everyone sees this,  but I do.  She is a little of Heaven in my life,  because she makes me feel important for just being alive.  God must want me to know this because the ones I love so much of my own family are so so distant from me.  I am longing for family (you remember I have a husband—part-time gone—and 6 children) to feel that greatest feeling ever of community of the family!!!!  Right now I receive this “thick as blood” loyalty from the ones God has hand-picked to accompany me in my suffering.

He cares more than the world cares.  He sends at the right time,  and I receive.  A validation from the most-high,  and I know that his eye is on me,  looking, looking and caring, caring.  I pray my children will encounter God like this too…an

Queen of Crete!

Queen of Crete!

undeniable presence in people,  places and things…


I call her mother,  too,  just like Dorothy…