Welcome To Phoenix Rising

Rising from the Ashes

A documentation of my life’s journey:  sufferings and abundant blessings!

written in the form of stream of consciousness, poetical and lyrical form…with some drama!

A Dream Spot: Fodele, Greece

A place to recover!

The meaning of my life: I am a Phoenix Rising

I know who I am now.  I am this phoenix.  I go in the fire,  the pain,  the suffering realization,  the sin,  the destructive relationship,  all of which are brutal fire for my soul.  And then….. I know I will rise.  I know there is one pulling me up.  Jesus...

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Psalm 116 April 12, 2019

The message:  YOU HAVE LOOSED MY BONDS Psalm 116 Thanksgiving for Recovery from Illness 1 I love the Lord, because he has heard     my voice and my supplications. 2 Because he inclined his ear to me,     therefore I will call on him as long as I live. 3 The snares of...

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One year ago I remember what you said

psalm 109:  an accuser will come and accuse him indeed the Lord showed me he was working and acting in the family situation,  as i had to run away,  into a hiding place,  to save my life.  Emmanuel came with me…there this word came to me,  and told me the...

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A word that saves me today: Psalm 147 & Psalm 112

The word given to me in the chapel today,  during my lunch,  where I run to lately for refuge,  giving the broken heart and the broken dream and begging the Lord to do what he does best:  forgive me and make a new thing happen! It says this in Psalm 149;  He crowns...

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Court Date: April 1st

I found myself in the court early morning of the 1st day of April.  Who was the fool today?  My son,  my youngest son,  God spare him. In his dysfunctional lifestyle,  in the peak of Mark’s destabilized life,  in the midst of the transition to a separated...

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The Wound Healer

In order for the wounds to be healed they need to be open…they need to be hurting and burning.  In this moment the Christ begins his process. There is no healing without excruciating pain…in this moment I enter into the throne room of the healer…I...

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Marilyn Alfano

Memories of Fodele, Crete!

Memories of Fodele, Crete!

I am Marilyn. I am a mother of 6 children: Joseph, Maria, Gabrielle, Emmanuel, Annabella & John-Paul…. (little Simeon is in Heaven♥)

Just back from Greece! At work in Language Assessment.

Just back from Greece!
At work in Language Assessment.

God has a plan that I can’t imagine.   He wants the best for me. His plan is to make us whole and to build us in hope and joy.

Well, time will tell what’s next…I am certain. I’m quite confident it will be with less tears and

greater things to come. All in all it’s a fair deal to start my blog with.

Here we go!